Apart from fundraising, we help to identify weaknesses that impede your growth. We can refine your Strategy, improve your Operations, as well as generate Growth opportunities through the use of business ideas, innovative technology and regional networks. The aim is to revitalise, strengthen and expand your enterprise. With the diverse experience of our managing partners, you can be assured of practical advice with brilliant results.

As corporate practitioners, we know the challenges of managing businesses in a constantly changing and competitive environment. Our team brings to you our collective wisdom and networks to help you navigate these challenges.

We will only take on projects where we can make the difference and contribute significantly!


Strategic management is developing a sustainable business model and implementing positive change management. It is an ongoing process that provides overall direction to your enterprise to enhance its performance industry. We will help you crystallize the organisation’s mission, vision and objectives; develop policies and plans (often in terms of projects and programmes,) designed to achieve these objectives. And finally, help allocate resources to implement these changes.


Operational reviews and streamlining may call for analysing current operations and identifying challenges in the running of your business. The purpose of this is to create greater value by generating recurring income, improving productivity and increasing the tangible and intangible value of your business assets.


Growth opportunities focus on devising courses of actions in order to increase revenue beyond existing markets and boundaries. The methodologies we use will identify your firm’s current position in relation to competitors, identify possible future market trends and develop a business plan to propel the business to the next plane.