Stream Global utilises an effective consulting strategy that has been honed through our years of experience as Venture Catalysts. With the standards of consistency, innovation, and accountability in mind, we have refined our very own RAPID approach for successful identification and attentive incubation of ventures on the cusp of something world-changing.

Risk-reward optimization

Don’t look at it as risk-taking. Stream Global invests in ventures with the potential to change lives. We back insightful, customer-driven enterprises with many of the right pieces in play, yet lacking the experience and capital to put them in the places necessary to carry out a winning gameplan.

Active management

Our experience is culled to guide your venture through the pitfalls of engaging the brutality of the market as a fresh face. You are steering the boat, but we’re pointing out and helping you to avoid the complications and the dangers that lie ahead.

Professional integrity

This is your vision and we want nothing more than to see that vision realized. Our goal is guidance so that you can do what is best for your company, but with the vital benefit of having strategic capital and world-wary experience at your side.

Investment quality

No one can predict the future, but you can anticipate trends and shifts. Not only does Stream Global put its power behind ventures with the right kind of vision, but we help put that power play where it is needed most so that your vision can manifest quickly and fully. Investing in ideas with not only high prospects for success (and helping those we invest in develop

Dedicated teamwork

We share your vision and are here to see it through. Whether that means up-to-the-second adaptive management, securing additional capital for critical junctures, or well-timed promotion before an eager customer base, Stream Global is here to maintain the momentum you have built and to help channel that into something great.