Your vision has set you on a path. Your passion has built forward momentum. What happens next can be critical for the well being of your enterprise.

We’ve been where you are. Imagine having both an experienced guide and the requisite financial resources to make the sort of splash you have envisioned for your venture. Imagine having at your side someone who has been where you are now, someone who can point out the pitfalls that stand between you and your venture’s goals.

Stream Global prides itself on being a comprehensive and nurturing incubator, a promoter of innovative minds and their ideas. We give forward-thinking ventures the managerial support to guide them as they make their way into the marketplace while leaving the autonomy and integrity of their entrepreneurial vision intact.

Using a successful and methodical approach, Stream Global helps bring your venture together with its customers in a way that respects how you got where you are but that facilitates your venture’s leap to the next level.

Our stake is to partner with likeminded ventures, and to take part in fostering the changes that make the world a better, more exciting place in which to live.

At Stream Global, we help transform powerful, innovative momentum into the next guiding force of your industry.