Billy Shum

Managing Partner

Billy has diverse experience in the areas of technology and business. He started his career in software R&D. After 10 years in R&D, he was appointed general manager of SNP Multimedia and later became the managing director SNP Publishing. Concurrently, he was the CTO of SNP Corp.

In 2000, Billy joined Green Dot Capital to manage its venture investment. It was at Green Dot that Billy invested into NeoPets Inc, an online virtual world. He eventually joined NeoPets as president of APAC to help expand NeoPets globally. NeoPets enjoyed tremendous success and was the most popular youth destination according to ComScore and Nielsen. At the height, was generating over 4 billion page views per month. In less than 4 years, NeoPets was sold to MTV Networks (Viacom Inc) for US$160 million.

After Neopets, Billy joined Stream Global as a managing partner to continue his interest in start-up investment. He was invited to join the SPRING SEEDS Capital investment panel and remains a member since 2009.

Area of Interests

Billy is interested in Internet-based businesses, Media & Entertainment, Online Games, and Information Technology.